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Four Winds
Pirate Trading Post
Traders of Fine Hand Made Fur Trade Era Trade Goods
we accept money orders and trades.

Historical Trade Show
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Pirates 1" round Aztec Trade Silver Coin Pendent $40.00 Ea

Med Hudson Bay Trade Silver Beaver
Fob Token $40.00Ea

Med Round Hand Made Thunderbird Porcupine Quillwork $60.00 Ea

Badger fur Quiver $130.00

Red or Gray Fox Fur Quiver $130.00

Raccoon Fur Quiver $110.00

Beaver Fur Trapper Hat buy one and get one half price $90.00

Coyote Fur Bag  $120.00

Raccoon Fur Bag  $65.00

Snapping Turtle Shell Beaded Bag $75.00

Turtle Shell Medicine Bag $40.00

Native Wing Fan $120.00

Mountain man Shirt
Large XL  $500.00


Chevron Beads   36MM $25.00 Ea

Hand Cast Trade Silver Bear Paw Earrings $35.00 Pair

Deer Leg Bone Knife With Beaver Fur Sheath b $100.00

Any Questions Contact US

Send Money Order To
2485 Seppala Blvd E 118
St.Paul, MN 55109